Mr. Duangdej Yuaikwamdee, Deputy Managing Director, Reed Tradex Company Limited said that the development of science technology and the supporting industry has contributed significantly to the development of industry and economy every ASEAN’s member countries, among them is Vietnam. In particular, Hanoi is one of the cities with much potential to develop and deliver supporting industrial products. It has been implementing various measures to encourage the developments of the supporting industry and key industrial products, to help enterprises in applying modern production technologies in order to increase productivity, quality and competitiveness, to shift from the low value-added processing and assembling industry with low value-added to the high value-added manufacturing industry.
Last year “Vietnam Manufacturing Expo 2013” in Hanoi was the fifth and the largest edition of the show ever. The exhibition has broken its own records in several dimensions. It is larger in terms of space. It is bigger in terms of collaborations between participating parties. We are seeing a great number of companies and organizations, both from the public and private sectors, coming together to jointly promote the strength and competitiveness of the supporting industries, especially the concerted efforts between Vietnamese and Japanese organizations who are celebrating the anniversary of the 40th year of friendship with the total number of attendants during 3 days reached 13,614.
For this year, At Vietnam Manufacturing Expo 2014, in addition to manufacturing machinery and technologies for the supporting industries by 200 brands from 20 countries, industrial part-making factory owners, engineers, production managers, and industrialists will use this event as a “Community Platform” to source new solutions, new parts, new suppliers, new partners, and new knowledge to keep up or lead the change that the promising future of AEC will bring. Whether you produce parts or molds and are interested in upgrading their production technologies or keep posted on new innovations, or search for new parts suppliers or business partners.
In the national industrial strategy policy as well as Hanoi capital’s industry development master plan in the period 2011–2015, the important tasks of Hanoi Industry and Trade Department  include (1) Developing main industry products and supporting industry, (2) Promoting the domino effect in the manufacturing stages, (3) Creating intermediate products, which have intensive content and high value-added, as well as play a supporting role in industrial manufacturing and industrial consumption system.
So to support supporting industry in Hanoi, Hanoi Trade Promotion Center (HTPC) will co-operate
with Reed Tradex to Organize exhibition on supporting industry to help Vietnamese industrials
access to advanced technology and industrial products in global chain as well as the way of
management and design so that they can follow the new trend. We also promote the main trade
program and organize business seminar, etc. Vietnamese companies can meet domestic and
oversea partners.
‘Industrial Components & Subcontracting Vietnam 2014’ Vietnam’s Most Comprehensive Sourcing Platform for Industrial parts and Components, is the specialized exhibition on supporting industrial products with strong influence and a wide range of product presentations for Vietnam’s supporting industry. As well, this is the only manufacturing event funded by Hanoi Trade Department for companies in industrial parts and components manufacturing industries in Hanoi.
Vietnamese manufacturers should visit this event. It is the right Industrial Parts Marketplace for Vietnamese Manufacturers & Tier-1 Parts Makers to Meet Tier-2 & -3 Parts Makers and to take advantage of the resources and create better conditions for the businesses in the supporting industrial sector. It will create a unique opportunity for the manufactures of Vietnam supporting industry to networking and trade directly with importers to increase business opportunities and extend export market, the enterprises have access to the latest technology and manufacturing techniques in the region and all over the world, enhance the capacity to participate in global value chains.”
“Vietnam Manufacturing Expo 2014” Vietnam’s Most Comprehensive Show for Manufacturing and
Supporting Industries during  27 – 29 August  2014 at I.C.E. Hanoi (Cung Van Hoa), 91 Tran Hung
Dao Street, Hanoi, Vietnam which co located with “Industrial Components & Subcontracting
Vietnam 2014”  will be organized by  Hanoi Trade Promotion Center (HTPC) , and the Association of Electronic Industries in Singapore (AEIS) who will bring their members, who are electronics manufacturing technology providers, to meet with potential buyers and partners in "Electronics Assembly 2014," International Machinery Expo for Electronic Parts and Components Manufacturing, as well as important seminars such as "Engineer Master Class," Vietnam Manufacturing Expo will help you sharpen your competitive edge, upgrade your production technologies, and upscale your business opportunities.
“Vietnam Manufacturing Expo 2014 has strong supports from: Ministry of Science & Technology (MST), Ministry of Planningand Investment (MPI), Ministry of Information and Communications, Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIT), Hanoi University of Technology (HUT), Hanoi People’s Committee, Hanoi Trade and Promotion Center, JETRO Hanoi, Vietnam Automation Association (VAA), Vietnam Electro – Technical Industry Association(VELINA), Vietnam Steel Association (VSA), Vietnamese Association of Mechanical Industry (VAMI), Vietnamese Society of Automotive Engineers (VSAE), Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry (TAMI), Singapore Manufacturers' Federation (SMa), Association of Electronics Industries In Singapore (AEIS), BOI - Unit For Industrial Linkage Development (BUILD). (end)