1200 HDPE Pipeline runs perfectly in customer’s factory
January 14 2023

The city grows in the last few decades extremely fast. In many old cities, the layout and capacity of municipal pipes should be optimized. Therefore the large demand currently for pipes with large diameters.

After the handover of 1200 HDPE in July 2022 our equipment has been running perfectly for a fast 7 months. We are happy to see, that our product works well from one sensor to the whole stable extrusion.

For high performance, our equipment especially for the production of large-diameter pipes is tailored for customers. Some of the production highlights are shown here.

Tailored Extruder Combination

For high performance, our engineer will get the main product of the customer, which influences the adoption of extruders. Because we are trying to provide an extruder group with long service time and high throughput

Energy saving Package

For daily production, high energy efficiency influences the cost of production directly. We provide Permanent Magnet Motor and Pressure controlled vacuum system, which has been proven in several cases with its energy efficiency.

Professional manufacture skill

A professional equipment supplier should have an experienced team, which can realize all the agreements on offer. Briefly seen the pipe extrusion line has a similar structure, however, we are focusing on details, which help the operator work easily, the machine run reliably, and convenience of maintenance. The details on a machine will tell the skill of the equipment manufacturer.


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