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Inquiry to Order
Materal to machine
Installation to running
Lifecycle Maintenance
Inquiry to Order
Materal to machine
Installation to running
Lifecycle Maintenance
Inquiry to Order
Matching of customers' expectation

For a customized tailored solution, the expectation of customers should be clear.

At this stage, our sales manager will find out the key points, such as product scope, grade of automation, capacity expectation, and so on.

The expectation point will help our sales manager to find out the most suitable equipment for customers

Easy communication

Technical suggestions based on customer’s requirement

Quick response within 12 hours after getting inquire

Layout of production line and detail technical configuration in offer

Spare part and wear part list for reliable running

Discussion around the configurations and contract details

Easy to get in touch. Email, Whats app message or website message can find us easily.

Professional Sales Team

With our powerful sales team, thousands of efficient and professional cooperation have been achieved. Our synergetic teamwork ensures a quick response and a professional result.

They respond to communication with customers throughout the whole lifecycle of our machines

They conclude all of the technical needs and requirements of customers.

They lead the in-house test running, delivery, and on-site commissioning

They solve all the potential problems around our machines after-sales

They collect customers’ feedback for continuous improvement of our production line

Tailored Solution

Based on our mature technical background, we are always trying to build the most suitable product for our customer. Before the release of technical configuration, our sales team try their best to figure out the customer’s demand, operation costume and main product. This information will determine our technical suggestion and clarified to customer.

Route for customized solutions

Our engineers know, the suitable and successful solution can be achieved by paying attention to the individual needs and requirements from customer. Following steps show our comprehensive solution from inquiry to decommissioning.

> Customer expectation

> Schematic extrusion process

> Place and Resource confirmation

> Confirmation of Technical configurations

> Production of machine

> Selection of Suppliers

> Coordination with Suppliers

> Manufacturing of Machine

> In-House test running

> Confirmation of Shipping date

> Assembly and Handover of Production Line

> Operation Training

> After Sales Service

Process after Oder Beginning

Sign of Proforma invoice (technical Configuration included)

30% of the total price as pre-payment 

Start of Production

Test running in-house (customer on-site attendance or video connecting)

Confirmation of machine condition

70% of the total price for delivery preparation 

Confirmation of Delivery date

Shipping to customer

On-site commissioning

Operator training in customer's factory for operation and maintenance 

Confirmation of Machine Handover

One year guarantee starts

Whole lifecycle service and technical support

Question about cooperation with Langbo

Are you a trading company or factory?

We are a factory that produces machines for customers directly. 

Can I have a factory visit? 

Yes, our production plant can be visited at any time. We are in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu Province which is close to Shanghai and Wuxi. If you are near us, the pick-up service is available.

How to build trust with Langbo for first cooperation?

For online communication, we can send working videos showing the machine running perfectly in several countries. We will provide the customer-focus and tailed technical suggestions.

For offline contact, you can visit our factory and talk about the machine face to face, you can find our competence in the field of plastic extrusion and tell our ability in machine building.

Is the shipping cost included in the quotation? 

Usually, our quotation contains FOB Shanghai as a shipment condition. It means the shipping cost between the delivery port and the destination port will not be included in the quotation. The shipping cost fluctuates according to the delivery company and shipping date. Langbo can help customers to get the latest shipping price. Customers decide if we add the shipping cost into the quotation or choose a shipping agent by themselves separately.

What is the Payment Method?

T/T, D/P, Letter of credit, Cash transaction

How to guarantee the machine quality made by Langbo?

We provide one year guarantee and whole-lifecycle technical support for our product. During in-house test running, customers can check the machine on-site. Any point for optimization will be done immediately. 

How can customers get the exact machine they wish?

Factory visiting before order 

Product sample posting to Langbo for a better understanding of customer’s expectations and configuration communication

On-site checking during test running 

Do you have CE Certification? 

Yes. Both our extrusion machine and plastic recycling machine have CE Certification.

With the certification, customers could be compliance with local safety regulations by operation of our machines. 

What is the delivery time between order confirmation and delivery?

Usually 45 days. Depending on the certain project, the exact delivery time will be written on the contract.

What are services for after-sale?

One-year quality guarantee. 

Quick response for technical support 

Problem analysis for production problems

What means a one-year quality guarantee?

After the handover of the machine, Langbo provides free new parts for every non-man-made damage.

CE Certification

All of the Equipment made by Langbo has CE Certification.

The equipment involves all kinds of plastic extrusion and recycling machines.

With the certification, customers could be compliance with local regulation by operation of our machines. 

Materal to machine
Machine Building is our strength

Focusing on details and reliable production technology is our strength

Machine design based on plant resource condition and individual requirements

Perfect design and manufacturing in every details

Operation oriented design in mechanical and electrical

High quality parts from suppliers well-known in the industry

Professional manufacturing by skilled workers

Spare parts shipping with machines

Long guarantee of warranty claims

CE/ISO Certification for basic standard

World famous components

Excellent machines are built with excellent components. For core components we use worldwide famous brand, such as siemens motor, Minamoto pump, Flender gearbox ABB frequency inverter, siemens PLC and schneider electrical parts. All the components influence a stable and reliable production.

High safety factor

Safety factor can be found everywhere on machines. High structure safety factor ensures not only a sturdy frame but also a safety and comfortable operation as well as transportation. Besides that, we adopt high model safety factor by model selection, which ensures a long service time for device such as pumps and motors. High model safety factor plays also an important role by shortly wrong working condition. Devices can resist shortly heavy load, if some mistake or wrong working condition happens.

The margin of all kind of safety factor we used are wide to guarantee a stable and long service time of equipment.

Focusing on details

Details are the key to tell the excellent machines. We consider the operation convenience from design stage to manufacture. There are several points shows our consideration for operation convenient such as position ruler for haul off and cutting machine and switch for limit position. Besides that, coupling between motor and gearbox can adopts the easy assembly concept, which ensures no position adjustment of motor and gearbox by coupling replacement.

Precise & Reliable Running

Frequency inverter vacuum control ensure the constant vacuum status in calibration tank. What’s more the inverter controlled vacuum pumps run in an energy efficient way instead of constant high-speed running.

Servo motor driven Haul-off combined with high precise encoder for meter counting cooperates with gravimetric dosing unit (optional) to guarantee a material efficient production and constant reliable product quality.

With high quality sensors and motors the precise and reliable production is assured.

Installation to running
Mature Route from commissioning to production

Our mechanician provides proper installation and set-up on-site

Stable running guarantee for any commissioning

Comprehensive user Training including functions, operations, maintenance, troubleshooting as well as tips and tricks

Operation documents for user

Spare part and wear part handover

Preparation Installation

For highly efficient on-site installation and commissioning, we have prepared communication with customers to align the position of production source such as the layout of electrical cable, water-in, water-out and pressure air. Other preparation check or preparation such as tools and space will be communicated before on-site installation.

On-site Service

As your partner, who is most familiar with the equipment, we install and test the machine till it works smoothly. The test process shouldn’t cost a long time, because all of the functions and switches of machine are tested in-house before delivery. The on-site commissioning

Comprehensive Training

After commissioning the staff training can be started. The function, operation and maintenance suggestions of each parts will be comprehensive explained to related staff.

We handover the spare parts and wear parts to customer with tips of maintenance and troubleshooting, which could happen during the operation. For long term reliable running the preventive maintenance is necessary, the key points we concluded during our after-sales service will be introduced.

Lifecycle Maintenance
Support is always available

Handover of Regular maintenance guidance for production efficiency and reliability. Our engineer provides inspection regulations to inform the current conditions of your machine For unplanned machine problem our sales team will response quickly and coordinate with our mechanicians and helps customer to solve problems.

For wear part purchasing we guarantee the quality and a flawless compatibility with our machines, a quick delivery.

Sales team as contact person

Our sales team will service our customer from inquiry till the end of lifecycle of our machines. They are clear with the background of equipment and have a good communication with customers. This guarantees a quickly and accurately reaction for every kind of after-sales service to ensure a customer satisfaction. Usually, we guarantee a quick response within 36hours feedback as we receive the message from customers.

Problem Analyzing and Troubleshooting

We establish product files for every order for a comprehensive far analyzing. Combined with our experience most of the cause of problem could be detected and related solution will be given. For complex problem video conference or on-site diagnose are also the ways we provide to our customer. As a reliable manufacture, we are responsible to our product till to the end of machine lifecycle.

Original wear part supplement

As manufacture, we provide original wear parts, which match our product perfectly. There is no risk for matching and running precision of the wear parts. We response quickly to reduce a shut down time as possible as we can.

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