A Double Oven Belling Machine Delivered to Our Ukraine Customers
January 15 2023

The customer from Ukraine is our old friend that we have cooperated for several years. He recognized the quality of our products and our after-sales services. We extremely cherish this trust and will constantly strive to satisfy more customers.  

This is the fourth belling machine that he has purchased from our company. Thanks to the expanding of his company, they determined to have another belling machine. By the way, some spare parts of another production line are needed.

Test Running of the Belling machine

No matter what machine it is, we will arrange a test running before packing and shipping and take videos to customer. This procedure ensures the stable running when the machine handover to customer. Any problems during the test running will be researched and solved.

This belling machine can heat two pipes simultaneously which is more effective during production. The cross-section of the belled pipe is round and smooth. With experienced mechanician every corner will be checked.


We think about our customer with Packing

Due to the special situation in Ukraine, the goods will be shipped to Poland and then transported in Ukraine. We packed every shipping unit with wooden boxes and the belling machine with wooden boxes, to ensure easy loading during in Poland. After protection and checking, the equipment was ready to shipment.




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