315 HDPE Pipe Extrusion Line Test Running
February 28 2023

Test production of DN110 Multi-Layer HDPE Pipe before delivering to our Yemen Customer

Well Communication for customer expectation

As an experienced extrusion equipment supplier, we have been focusing on providing tailored machines to our customers.

After a comprehensive understanding of the expectations of our customers, we conclude the following points to hand over suitable equipment.

a)     High energy efficiency

b)     High quality of the surface layer

c)      Robust structure and high price-performance ratio

Permanent magnet motor as the power source

In China, the permanent magnet motor is widely used in plastic extrusion lines. Based on practical experience, it saves energy compared with the traditional asymmetric motors. After introducing the advantages and disadvantages to our customer we applied the permanent magnet motor as an ideal solution for long time energy efficiency.

Multi-Layer pipe extrusion

Based on the requirement of pipe application we applied the A-B-A multi-layer pipe extrusion line. The core layer has 80% weight of the pipe. The outside and inside layer has 10% of the pipe weight for each.


Pic.1 Haul-off & Cutting Machine

Robust Structure and production reliability

The brief function and layout of a pipe extrusion line from different manufacturers could be the same. However, the details of an extrusion line play a significant role in daily operation and production. We have been focusing on every detail point for a convenient operation and reliable and robust production. Based on our rich experience we have proved the function and reliability of fast every point on the extrusion line to ensure the suitable concept is applied to the executive point.


Pic.2 Pipe Extrusion

Contact us for a tailored solution

As a professional manufacturer, we provide a tailored solution for each customer. If you have a business plan around plastic extrusion. Please feel free to contact us, and we will provide our professionally tailored solution for you. 


Pic3: ABA HDPE Pipe Product




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