Perfect ending of Tunisia Exhibition
August 19 2023

The Tunisian exhibition ended perfectly! The total number of customers in the 4-day meeting reached 50-70, a record high!


Next stop, Turkey, November 22-25, 2023,

 At Tuyap Istanbul Fair and Congress Center! Hope to meet you.


    The 4-day Tunisia Expo 2023 ended perfectly on June 16th at 17:00!


In these 4 days, we talked warmly with customers from all over the world, customers had a strong interest in our equipment, and recognized our professional knowledge. After the conversation on project, many customers invited us to visit their factories to further communicate about equipment and quotation.

Most of the customers participating in this exhibition are Tunisian customers, but there are also customers from Algeria, Morocco, Portugal and other countries. Among them, after the conversation the day before, some customers came to the door for the second time to take samples to further understand the working principle of the equipment and the production process of samples.


After the exhibition, we visited the purchased customers who had our equipment, and visited new customers’ factories who encountered in the exhibition. They learned more about our company and the operation of our equipment. Through visiting new customers, we can appreciate the positioning and main policy of customers, and provide more suitable solution to the technical specifications.  

It's time for the exhibition to end

There are many people to thank


Thank you customers

Thank you for coming from far and wide

Make it to your appointment in your busy schedule!

It is you who make this meeting full of energy and passion!

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