Welcome our Mauritius Customers visiting our factory
August 20 2023

  With the Liberalization of epidemic lockdown policies, more and more foreigners visit our factory andcommunicate face to face. It is an efficient way to know our working crafts and machine quality. Meanwhile face meeting builds friendships and facilitate orders.

Before a month, we have made the appointment with our Mauritius customer. On the early morning of the June 15th 2023, our company picks up them and visit our factory. Walking around the factory, our Mauritius customers are very satisfied about our machine and say all the electrical parts we used is famous brand. It is reliable and trustworthy. After that, we talked the detailed specification of the line. The whole communication process is professional and precise. We all have a good time.

After walking around the factory, my boss welcome our Mauritius Customers having lunch together. Enjoying the Chinese food, they also have a taste of the baijiu and bear. This is their first time to China and it is an impressive of Chinese people and culture.

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