PVC Granulating Line
PE Pipe Extrusion Line, LB-
PVC Profile Extrusion Line
Langbo Machinery is our friendly partner. We have cooperated for several times. They always provide the best quality and reasonable price.
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Decoration Panel Extrusion
Profile Plastic wide panel
Wide panel profile extrusion line test running


Energy Saving Design with driving motor and vaccum system
Sufficient haul-off force and well force distribution
Operator oriented operation system
Reliable part quality

Tailored Solution

Film covering
Film covering is widely used in profile production for this demand we add film covering device with features like easy adjustment, simple structure and reliable working.
Double Strand Profile Extrusion
For profile with small size, the double strand profile mould can be applied for higher production capacity. For customized production plan the feasibility of double strand profile extrusion will be given by our sales manager.
Focusing on detail
The principle of profile extrusion is already a mature technology. Langbo Machinery is a professional and experienced manufacture focusing on every details which help to achieve a convenience operation, smooth production and easy maintenance. In a roughly view the machines of different manufacturer could have the same look, however the details on production line play a significant role in daily usage.
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